How to Become a Superstar Student is a 12-part lecture series by Professor Michael Geisen focusing on teaching students how to learn. Geisen argues that the number one problem facing many high school students is that they haven’t been taught how to learn. Few students are deliberately taught about developing the particular mind-set and skills that can help them graduate not just with exemplary grades, but with an exemplary mind. The 12 lectures for students begin by helping you figure out your own learning style, which will help you choose the tools and systems that are right for you. You’ll then look at different ways to perform all sorts of school-related tasks, from the basic (taking notes, studying, writing papers) to the not-so-basic (planning, scheduling, critical thinking). This becomes especially helpful for Greats Honors Students who learn from watching lectures at home and rely on note-taking and visuals to stay alert and focused.

These lectures are intended to be watched in two weeks: 1-2 per day. There are no homework assignments, but you are expected to apply what you learn to your other classes.  

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