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Special Note from Mr. Bertucci

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Special Note from Mr. Bertucci
by Christian Roy - Saturday, 16 July 2016, 10:29 AM
We are often asked if we specify particular editions or translations of the texts we read in our Great Books Program. You are free to use whatever editions or translations you have available. 
As to availability of the texts we have them  in the bookstore at our Academy website.  However, they are also available for free online. That being the case I am sending you some links to a couple of websites that have links to the texts.  These are not the only websites that have collections of such links but they will give you a good start in locating online versions of the texts:
In addition, there are audio versions of many of the texts.  While text based versions of the works have their advantages there are also advantages to audio versions, to listening as opposed to reading.  Here are two websites that provide free audio books of many of the works:
September will be here soon. We are looking forward to being with you.
Mr. Bertucci
Great Books Program